Monday, December 6, 2010

AMPS: Are You a Superhero?

Superhero Boston Terrier
Many people with prosthetics and implants jokingly refer to themselves as robots, cybernetics, Borgs or other names that reference the technology that helps them. Heck, whenever I use my Bluetooth accessory for my hearing aids I feel as though I'm in a Star Trek movie. It looks as though there may be an upcoming movie that references these very feelings.

AMP is an unfinished book by Daniel H. Wilson (the author of the upcoming Robopocalypse) that deals with a world where people with disabilities have become superheroes as a result of the technology they use. Alex Proyas has been named as the producer and possibly director, according to

It doesn't look like there's much information about the movie out there and I'm not sure if either the movie or book touches on the topic of deafness, but I think the concept could be interesting. It could also end up really offensive and uninteresting. It just depends on how well those involved deal with the topic.

(via io9)

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  1. I intend to be a super hero of deaf education in 2011 under the flag of my subsidiary Modern Deaf Communication. I'm gonna be big like the Giant Robo superhero of the 70's.


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