Friday, January 21, 2011

Hear the World Sound Academy: Visit the Grand Canyon!

I recently received an email from Sarah, on behalf of Hear the World, about an interesting opportunity for fulltime students aged 15-20 to explore the Grand Canyon and collect sound data for the National Parks Service. The website is here.

Hear the World is a nonprofit educational travel organization. According to the information Sarah sent me, "Sound deepens our experience of the world and the majesty of the Grand Canyon summons a connection with nature as few places can. However, this world-famous natural wonder faces a serious threat: noise pollution. For this reason, it is the perfect setting to educate students about the importance of natural sound and hearing preservation. Students of mixed hearing abilities will work together with acoustic scientists to collect sound data for the National Park Service while discovering an entirely new way of looking at sound as a precious resource and hearing as a cherished sense. Post-trip, the student ambassadors will launch an online campaign to educate the public about hearing and hearing loss based on what they learned, including a unique sound-themed podcast to be used as a learning tool by the National Park Service."

The adventure in the Grand Canyon would take place from July 31-August 7 of this year, and applications are being accepted through February 26. There are scholarships, and on the website, you can sponsor a scholarship, in the amount of $1,700. It definitely sounds like fun!

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  1. Hey this is a great opportunity really. Hear the world has become so popular today because of its services. I have read so many good reviews about it.


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