Monday, February 7, 2011

After the Super Bowl (Update 2/8/11)

Update: PinkLAM was kind enough in the comments to point me towards a survey being run by the National Association of the Deaf about the Super Bowl captioning. Check it out here.

So, how did everyone enjoy the captioned Super Bowl?

I went to see the game at my sister-in-law's house, and initially we didn't turn the captions on. No one, hearing or not, could actually hear what was going on, because it was a party and of course it was loud. We turned the captions on midway through the game. My sister-in-law has a DVR box through her cable company that handles the captions through the box, so whether or not HDMI cables are used, the captions will still come through. I was pretty impressed. The captions on the game itself had very little lag and didn't block half the screen the way they used to. It helps that we had a lot of options with the captions and could make the background transparent and change the colors of the words if we wanted to.

The commercials seemed slightly off. The captions were just a second or two behind the dialogue. That could have been a problem with our broadcast. A few commercials that seemed to be national commercials did not have captioning, such as the E*TRADE commercial with the baby. I was a little unhappy at the local commercials for national brands that weren't captioned. It is just such a simple thing, especially when everyone else is doing it, that really enhances the brand, in my opinion. It shows they care.

I enjoyed the game! It was fun even though neither team is my team (the Arizona Cardinals). I rooted for the Packers, so naturally I was happy at the outcome of the game! I hope everyone else enjoyed their Sunday - Super Bowl, or no.


  1. I didn't watch much of it, but from what I've heard many people were disappointed by the captions. All deaf/HOH people who watched the Super Bowl with captions are being encouraged to fill out this survey (you may want to add it in your post, as many people probably read your blog without reading the comments). Here is the survey link:

  2. PinkLAM - thanks! Added it to the post.


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