Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Weird Hearing Aid: The Ring Hear

I'm pretty sure this hearing aid is intended more as art, to look pretty, than to serve any actual function as a hearing aid.

Take a look: it's a ring designed as an ear horn.

Industrial artist Gina Hsu came up with this concept and is selling them for $474. Crunch Gear has termed it "Gadg-Art": "You don’t actually expect to use it. Plus, at 340 Euros, you don’t want to scratch it or damage it."

What do you think of those old ear trumpets, so often associated with older people and olden times, getting the artsy treatment?

(via Neatorama)


  1. Looks really nice and would make a cool ornament. Bit pricey though.

  2. WHAT??? You wear it as a ring, and then put it up to your ear when you want to hear something??? What nonsense!!! Will the wearer then be expected to SIGN with this monster on his/her hand???

    340 Euros!! Not worth 340 sneezes...

  3. Decent post, You wear it as a ring,some people may be like it but i am not sure it is the good or bad for hearing loss peoples.Thanks !

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