Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Smartphone App for Your Cochlear Implant?

From Flickr user lucas.leite
There are many, many apps for smartphones that make life easier to live, from task lists to calendars to email access (and even some apps specifically helpful to the deaf). I've seen cars that come with their own apps now. But what if you could take it a step further, and control your cochlear implant from your smartphone?

According to this article at the University of Texas at Dallas News Center, the university's Cochlear Implant Lab has developed technology to do just that. Pending FDA approval, ten American healthcare and research facilities will begin to use it. The program will allow cochlear implant users to modify their settings depending on their environment - for example, in a loud restaurant or at a sports arena. They can even record sounds they are having difficulty with for later analysis at the lab.

Here is a video about the technology. Unfortunately, it is not captioned. It does illustrate the way the technology interacts with the phone and the cochlear implant.

(via Jeff's Bionic World)

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