Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some College Students Underestimate Their Hearing Loss

University of Florida researchers were recruiting college students for a study on music players and hearing loss, and, as part of their eligiblity tests, discovered that a quarter of students who reported normal hearing actually had some degree of hearing loss. The study involved 56 students, who first filled out a questionnaire and then took a typical hearing test. The article is here.
Photo from Flickr user Schlusselbien2007
Although the author of the article seems surprised, I wasn't very surprised to learn this.  Besides the fact that people typically overestimate their abilities, there's the simple fact that hearing loss can be very difficult to detect either by the individual or people around them. According to the article, "researchers measured 15 decibels or more of hearing loss at one or more test frequencies, an amount that is not severe enough to require a hearing aid, but could disrupt learning" - so if students did know they were having trouble, they could have attributed it to a lot of other things besides hearing loss.

The article says the researchers plan to find a larger sample size to continue investigating  a link between hearing loss and music players (the majority of the quarter of the students they found were male who listened to music players). I wouldn't be that surprised if they continue to find a similar number of college students with an undetected hearing loss.


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