Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Around the Web Wednesday

  • I used to dread having my haircut until I started going to my husband's aunt and could have my hair cut by someone who really understands. I always hated taking my hearing aids out and worrying I'd miss something or not be able to explain myself fully. Ian Noon explores the topic on Campaigning for deaf children.
  • Scientists at Washington University are exploring why some brains are vulnerable to tinnitus, and hopefully what they discover will be useful especially for soldiers returning from battle.
  • Is there a type of room you dread having to have conversations in? There are certain things in a room's design or decor that can lead to difficulty hearing there, as discussed on the blog Eh? What? Huh? last week.
  • An update on Joey McIntyre's son Rhys, who has a severe hearing loss: "Right now Rhys is doing great with regular hearing aids. The tests that they have for children his age tell us that he is on par (and in some cases ahead) with kids with normal hearing."
  • As a followup to Google's Gmail April Fool's joke (which I posted about here), it's gone legit: a (sadly uncaptioned) video from ICT MxR Labs demonstrates how it could work with Microsoft Kinect. As one person suggested in the comments, why not integrate already existing signs?
And finally, something just for geeky fun. Watch a samurai performance, swords against shadows:

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