Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Around the Web Wednesday

  • Alexia Sloane, 10 years old, has become the youngest translator to work at the European Parliament in Brussels. Alexia knows English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Braille; she is also blind.
  • This just makes me sad: a Consumerist story recounts how a Chase representative thinks deaf/hard of hearing people can't have library credit cards (thanks for the correction, (e!): "The customer service agent suggested that the hearing impaired "probably can't" have a card. I informed him that this is probably very illegal, and that it'd be news to American Express, the Charles Schwab Visa people, PNC Bank, and the various other companies that my father has credit with currently. He still seemed to think that Chase probably wouldn't be able to offer him a card."
Have a relaxing Wednesday!


  1. I think you meant credit card, not library card.

  2. Whoops, that I did! Thanks. :)


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