Friday, April 15, 2011

A Theater Offering Open Captioning

Theatre Marquee from tncountryfan on Flickr
I very rarely go to see plays, and one of the reasons has always been a lack of captions. So I was excited to read about the New Jersey Theatre Alliance, working with other organizations in New Jersey, offering several performances of its shows this season with open captions; see the article here.

Granted, New Jersey is a bit far away from me, but I'm happy to see this happening. As the General Manager, Tom Muza, points out, "Over the four seasons that McCarter has been doing Open Captioning, we have learned that the program benefits a wide segment of our audience, not just the ones who know they are hard of hearing [...] I have heard from patrons many times: I did not understand that accent, so it helped to see the text, or I missed that line of dialogue, but got the meaning of the scene because I could see the text on the screen out the corner of my eye."

There will be six open captioned performances this season including "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "A Christmas Carol."

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  1. Cannot watch the theater without the captions in your country? :( You can buy the DVD movies? :)

    Luckily, every theater (cinema) also get the captions - Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese in my country, Malaysia so everyone can see the movies!


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