Saturday, May 14, 2011

ABC's New Drama Switched at Birth Includes Deaf Characters

If you're like me and you are completely addicted to Whose Line Is It Anyway?, making it a point to watch it in reruns every evening on ABC Family*, you've probably seen the seemingly endless promotions for a new show, Switched at Birth. The show stars Katie Leclerc, who is deaf, and Vanessa Marano as teenagers who discover they were switched at birth in the hospital. It premiers in June.

Somehow while watching the promotions I managed to miss that one of the girls (Katie's character) is deaf, and Marlee Matlin will be guest-starring. I'll make it a point to watch the show, whereas I probably would have skipped it before. I'm curious now. There's more information about the show here.

What do you think about this upcoming drama?

* I know - you're probably not like me. But really, Whose Line? is an amazing show.


  1. i'm gonna have to search the link somewhere for that once it starts in june, it may be a little late telecast here in the Philippines but the internet works wonders, i know i'll like it =) thanks for the update

  2. love love love "Who's line is it." So funny.

    Switched at birth sounds bizarre. Is it a reality show?

  3. Hi Terena - nope, it's a fictional drama. It does sound weird, but I figure I'll watch at least one episode :)

  4. I am so happy to have stumbled across this! I am very excited about Switched at Birth and am glad to hear that you are too! I really enjoyed reading about your personal story and I think the concept of the show can help bring that to light! I actually work on behalf of the network and would love to hear your thoughts on the show. Will you be tuning in on June 6? Have you heard about the Hunt for the Code game yet? If you follow the clues and track down Bay’s stencil art, you could win $4000 to switch your life for a weekend! Think you’ll give it a go?


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