Saturday, May 14, 2011

Around the Web Wednesday

  • It can be tricky sometimes to enjoy television without turning it up too high. Volume control on televisions can be tricky and don't always make what you want to hear more clear. The blog Unplggd shares some tips for how to maximize dialogue clarity while keeping the television at a manageable volume level.
  • Teaching a child to speak and listen can be a daunting task. Cochlear Implant Online shares ten tips for parents, educators and other adults. I really like the idea of replacing typical words you often say with interesting synonyms: you didn't just have a "good" day, you had an amazing day, a fun day, a splendiferous day!
  • The human brain is amazing. An MIT study shared here at Medical News Today explores the ability of the human brain to remap itself to perform functions in areas not previously "mapped" for it.
  • Knowing two languages may just help you cope with dementia. According to psychologist Ellen Bialystock, quoted in this 80beats blog post, "Being bilingual has certain cognitive benefits and boosts the performance of the brain, especially one of the most important areas known as the executive control system. We know that this system deteriorates with age but we have found that at every stage of life it functions better in bilinguals. They perform at a higher level. It won’t stop them getting Alzheimer’s disease, but they can cope with the disease for longer."
  • And finally, your Wednesday video. This ad for Sapporo beer is more like a piece of art. No dialogue; just music.


  1. Thanks for linking to Cochlear Implant Online, Megan. It is our goal to raise awareness of cochlear implants, and I'm proud to work hard to produce resources to enhance listening and spoken language skills. I hope you have a MARVELOUS day!

  2. Great post on TV dialog. I have found that the new HDTVs while spectacular in image often have weak and muddy sounding speakers. I corrected that by getting some Bose Companion 2 Series II speakers. They are shielded for computer use and have great mid-range frequency response, great for dialog. Plus, they are at local big box retailers for less than $100.00.

    Thanks for posting stuff like this.


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