Friday, May 6, 2011

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month - Take the Million Ear Challenge!

I stopped by my audiologist yesterday and got my right hearing aid, which had been acting up, all fixed up. It wasn't just moisture but also a part that needed to be replaced - didn't take too long and now I feel like I'm hearing correctly again!

Have you heard of the Million Ear Challenge? It's an initiative working to tell one million people about hearing loss through social media. You can use Facebook to tell your story, share your favorite sound, and share tips and advice. If they reach their goal, they'll unlock $150,000 for people with hearing loss who are in need of help. You can also read what other people have posted - very interesting reading!

Here's a PDF calendar with events throughout the month of May, which is Better Speech and Hearing Month.


  1. What part was bad? My wife's hearing aids kept breaking down and she constantly needed the speakers replaced. She's finally given up on them and has gone back to her analog hearing aids.

  2. Don't know about how some people feel about their audiologist, but mine ROCKS. If anything happens to my hearing aids he fixes them right away, even though I have an older pair as a back up because he knows how important hearing for me is. He has older patients he wishes would wear their hearing aids because I put mine in first thing in the morning and take them out right before I go to bed. He says it's too bad some people are either too vain or stubborn to wear theirs, which would do wonders for them and they would be able to hear all of the good things they're missing because they refuse to wear theirs. Mine are behind the ear which can be seen by anyone who is behind me and some of his other patients are lucky enough to wear the kind you can't even see. I guess it could be because they lost hearing when they got older and I lost most of mine when I was two and a half. Heck, some people's bluetooth things are way uglier than my hearing aids and I've even told people I know this.


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