Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Around the Web Wednesday

  • Many people have experienced the sensation of being totally lost in a book, a project, or something else, and missing what's going on around them. I personally do this all the time. Now scientists are looking into what causes the phenomenon, called "inattentional deafness." There's more info about the study this way.  
  • Allergies can cause hearing loss? Yes, they can, and according to local hearing clinics, Boston is experiencing a large number of patients coming in with this problem. It's thought that excessively wet April and May months may be contributing towards worse allergies. Allergies can cause the middle ear to become inflamed and lead to hearing loss, which usually subsides as the symptoms are treated.
  • Wireless technology has become a major part of our lives with cellphones and computers connected wirelessly, but what if you could easily charge your devices without cords or cables? What if you could charge larger devices, too, like your microwave? Metamaterials could have the answer, according to 80beats. Metamaterials are definitely something out of science fiction - they have properties not found in nature. Everything is purely theoretical at the moment, but think about keeping your hearing aids fully charged without batteries or a charging station... very cool.
  • And your YouTube video for this week, no sound required. I feel for this dog some days:

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  1. Cripes with our superior vision and total attentiveness we can't win can we lol... They missed the point obviously between not listening and not able to hear.... and were negative about deafness.... AGAIN ! A survey a day, deaf brains ? whatever, just give us a rest.... we'd swap it all for viable hearing.....


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