Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hearing Aid Storage at Night

Over at ohdeedoh they are discussing hearing aid storage at night with children. The questioner is asking about a safe, appealing way for a child to be able to take charge of storing their hearing aids at night.

There are a bunch of suggestions in the comments, including my own, which is my current solution to storing my own hearing aids - a Dry & Store. I keep my Dry & Store on my nightstand and put my hearing aids into it every night, as well as while I am in the shower, or whenever I need to set my hearing aids aside.

01. Morning
My Dry & Store, to the left
I think moisture and dryness is a real concern with hearing aids. Where I live in Arizona, humidity is not a major concern, but getting sweaty when the weather heats up is.

The only downside to the Dry & Store is the cost of the Dry-Briks that need to be replaced every 3 months or so to keep drying the aids properly. I'll admit, I usually forget to replace them on time.

If I was not using the Dry & Store or another moisture solution, I think I would probably use a simple decorative box like the ones sold at Hobby Lobby. I really like this type of box and they usually have lots of sizes for sale in different styles. Maybe I would add a soft lining to the box as well.

Some of the commenters have the neat idea to create a drying box using dessicant beads, which would allow someone to decorate their box however they like.

Where do you store your hearing aids or other devices?


  1. Most of the time I take them out when I come home from work, and I just put them on the coffee table. If I do wear them until bed, then I'll leave them on the night table.

  2. I use my original boxes that came with my hearing aids. :)

  3. Dry Aid Kits are great

  4. I have Phonak Audeo Yes aids and the cases they came in do NOT let you store batteries with "tails", so I use a soft-sided Phonak case...but I am always afraid they will be crushed.


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