Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Thoughts on Switched at Birth, Premiere Episode

(Some very slight spoilers for the premiere episode of Switched at Birth follow. Other posts I write on the show will probably contain more spoilers than below, but I'll make sure to mark them.)

View Switched at Birth with captions on Hulu here.

I watched Switched at Birth last night with my husband. The show's premise is that two teenage girls were switched in the hospital, leading them to grow up with different families. One girl is a typical rebellious teenager, attending a prestigious private school, while the other is deaf, attending a school for deaf children.

The first episode was pretty enjoyable for me, providing its share of humor and a bit of drama. There are lots of nice lines - I tweeted the line "It's just her ears that don't work, not her brain" shortly after hearing it. I don't think that is a point that can be repeated enough.

There are definitely some characters who are more likeable than others. Some of the characters are definitely out of touch and a little clueless. My favorite characters so far are Daphne and her family (the family she grew up with, that is). Daphne is a funny, often random character who seems like somebody I would like to know. My husband surprised me by his vehement dislike for certain characters (Daphne's biological father for one).

I did think the show touched upon a lot of deaf issues all at once in the first episode, which might confuse some people, and turn others off. I mean, we got everything from sign language interpretation, to cochlear implants, to mainstreaming deaf children. I would like to see more attention paid over the course of several episodes to these topics instead of addressing them once or twice and then dropping them - but I am really glad they were touched upon.

I liked the way sign language was used and filmed for the show and I thought the show did a nice job of exploring the various languages the characters use (English, Spanish, and ASL). Daphne and her mother explained ASL and how she uses it in everyday life very well.

All in all this is definitely a show I will keep watching. I would like to see more of Daphne's personal reaction to the switch versus Bay's, and how each character grows. Hopefully the more annoying characters will grow and change over the course of this show and we will see a lot of interesting storylines.

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  1. Hi! :) I linked here from (e's blog - yours is awesome as well! I agree with your point about so many deaf issues all in the first episode (although I did laugh when Daphne gets picked up by her Deaf friend on the motorcycle, and he makes fun of Daphne's bio brother for speaking only to Daphne, not to him). Hopefully this show stays on the air so they can have more time to explore the issues in depth! I think this is a great opportunity for mainstream culture to learn more...


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