Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summertime, Sweat, and Water... Oh No!

It's that time again... summer! Where I live we have just reached 110 degrees with no sign of relief in sight. All we can look forward to are the monsoons and eventual cooling off in a few... okay... many months.

Summer means outdoor activities, even if you define "outdoor activities" as "running from your air conditioned house to your car" (as I tend to do). And summer activities often mean sweat and water, a deadly combination for your hearing aids.

Moisture is a big problem for any electronic device. Last year I wrote about keeping your hearing aids nice and dry over the hot months, in this post. Seeing the post reminded me of the comments on it about Ear Gear.

summer by Rosh PR on Flickr
Image of a silhouetted man shaking off water.
They're essentially socks for your hearing aid that keep them protected. According to Scott, who commented on my post then, "The first weekend I had them I taught martial arts classes outside all day. I was in the tidewater area of Virginia and it was VERY hot and VERY humid. They held up well and I was able to hear my students without any real problems." I haven't tried them myself but it is tempting!

What do you do to keep your hearing devices in good functioning order over the summer?


  1. I take them out and put them away. I don't dare risk anything happening to them, they are too precious.

  2. It is tempting - I went kayaking a few days ago and didn't even think about it but it would have been great to have these waterproof covers. Now, if we could get life jackets for them too...

  3. This is a common problem with Hearing Devices. We need to protect them from Moisture, Sweat and Water. This post help in protecting as here it provide much solution for it. Thank you for sharing such important information.
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