Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Around the Web Wednesday

  • At the blog The Echo Chamber, the blog author posted about their experiences with the Disney handheld device, which displays scripts for the attractions. It's worth a look so you know what to expect if you are planning a trip to Disney World/Land.
  • Apache ASL Trails Apartments, which I have been hearing about on and off for years, has now opened in Tempe, AZ. It is a senior apartment community for the Deaf and hard of hearing, with video phones, visual doorbells, and other amenities designed with hard of hearing seniors in mind. This community is just about half an hour away from me and I am really curious about it! Think they'd let me take a tour?
  • Did you know Captain Chesley Sullenburger, who famously landed his jet safely in the Hudson River, also volunteers training guide dog puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind? There's more information on him and his inspiring family here.
  • AbleGamers has confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will feature support for colorblind users.
  • I love cows. For some fun this Wednesday, in the video below you can see how one clever cow manages to escape being penned up all night. No sound/subtitles/captions required.

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