Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Around the Web Wednesday

  • A group of mandrill monkeys at the Colchester Zoo in England have developed a sign of their own - the first report of monkeys creating their own gesture that means something in their culture. The gesture involves the monkey covering their eyes, and the article at Scientific American says the gesture communicates "do not disturb."
  • Over at Cochlear Kids, the mom of Gage and Brook reports that the "Caution Hearing Impaired Children" sign she had by the road, along with a stop sign, has been stolen. I don't understand why people do things like this.
  • Have you been following Eh? What? Huh?'s entries on the silly censoring of Breaking Bad captions? There is a video clip and pictures of the censoring of swearing on this show here (which is not censored in the audible dialogue).
  • I was happy to learn about a local teen, who lives in my state, hiking the Grand Canyon for the Hear the World Sound Academy. I wrote about Hear the World back in January and the trip is now coming up soon! Like me, Jacob Gonzales (16 years old, from Chandler, AZ) was diagnosed with his hearing loss when he was four years old. Go, Jacob!
  • For the video today - I had no idea Thai insurance commercials could be so heartbreaking! This one was shared by Yahoo! Accessibility. It features a deaf-mute father and his bullied daughter. And it's a gut wrencher. It is subtitled/captioned.


  1. Man, that's one hard-hitting commercial. :(

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  3. unbelievable !! very hard to watch ! makes u think


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