Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Around the Web Wednesday: Accessible Beaches, Bob Williams, and School

  • Yahoo! Accessibility has an interesting real-world post about an actual situation faced at a beach in or near Vancouver. The beach has a marked handicapped-accessible spot but the only way to access the beach itself is by stairs. The author suggests adding a sign to the parking spot so that people will not be confused.
  • I really enjoyed this post on Disability Blog by Bob Williams, who is the new Associate Commissioner for the Social Security Administration's Office of Employment Support Programs. Can you imagine 6 million people with disabilities in the workforce? Only 4.5 million are employed today.
  • Jennifer, who has triplets, one of whom wears hearing aids and one of whom has a cochlear implant, shares the story of her sons at school and how they shared information about their hearing loss and technology with the class.
  • And finally, a very good guest post on Speak Up Librarian about supporting deaf/hard of hearing students in mainstream classrooms.
  • Life's been crazy lately so I don't have a video for this week, sorry!

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