Friday, October 14, 2011

The iPhone Sound Amplifier

I wanted to share with you a blog post I saw today from David Lee King. He was sent an iPhone Sound Amplifier from WirelessGround and did a short review of it. The blog post is here and he posted a video which is below; no captions but I added a transcript underneath which I hope is mostly accurate.

I think this is a neat device with a nice retro look to it. I don't have an iPhone but I might buy something like this for my Android phone if it was available. It amplifies about 12 dB, so not a lot, but it could be helpful. At $9.95 (sale), it's not a bad price.

 Transcript: Hey, David King here, Um, gonna show you something, then I'll tell you about it. First, let's take a listen to this. (Music playing on iPhone, which becomes amplified when placed in the iPhone Sound Amplifier) How does this work? Well, there are holes in the bottom here, you put your iPhone in there. The speakers connect to these little tubes, I don't know if you can see that really well, that goes out to this horn, and so basically it's just, um, sort of like a megaphone. It's boosting the sound naturally. Pretty cool. I'll put a link into my blog post so you can get to the website and check these out. Talk to you later.

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