Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Couple of Funnies

I apologize for my recent lack of updates - although, looking at my last post, I didn't realize it had been that long!

A couple of funny moments to share today. They are both from my workplace.

A patron came in and told me he wanted to "renew his password." I was a bit confused, but I explained our password system (for computer access) and that they don't need renewal. He was persistent, repeating himself over and over, until my coworker at the desk heard our conversation and realized he was saying "passport!" Ah, it was much easier from there... even though we don't handle passport renewals.

The second was just from today. I was at my cubicle in the back and a coworker passed by making some noise - I didn't pay much attention. She returned to my desk and told me how she was singing to herself and hates it when she does it in front of an "audience" (me). I replied, "That's okay. You have a deaf audience, so it doesn't matter anyway!"

It's good to laugh at yourself...


  1. When I was first hired in the IT department of a local financial communications company here in Albany, NY my fellow co-workers were set back a bit not knowing how to conduct themselves in the presents of the newly hired "deaf guy".

    After a couple weeks of working there it finally came time to "break the ice" with these people because I was starting to freeze to death! The opportunity opened up when a co-worker decided to start a conversation on a subject other than work ... (I had just moved into an apartment closer to work)

    Alex: "So ... How's the new apartment?"

    Rob: "Well ... It's quiet. ;)

  2. My wife always says to me that it's a good job I can't hear my son's 'tuneless' warbling around the house. I actually can, but then turn my aid off!

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