Monday, January 9, 2012

What Do You Do When You Can't Identify a Sound?

Although I love my hearing aids, one problem I often encounter is that a lot of sounds sound alike to me. Sometimes even a sound I am familiar with will sound very odd in a different situation than I'm used to.

From Flickr user Oberazzi.
Sometimes I ignore the sound... sometimes it freaks me out a little bit and I want to know what it is. My family, including my husband, are really good about identifying the sound. Although I know it can be funny when I overreact to a perfectly normal sound because it sounds "wrong" to me.

However, with other people, I'm less willing to ask around to figure out what a sound is. I usually surreptitiously look around to see how other people are reacting before I react myself. I am pretty good at not immediately reacting to sounds.

So I am curious, how do you react in these situations?


  1. I tend to ignore the sound. This has gotten me in trouble before, though. :) If I am curious enough I'll explore it, but like you said, if no one else is reacting, I pretend not too as well.

  2. Ha! This reminds me of earlier years when my wife & I would be reading in bed and she'd turn to me and tell me "There's a cricket in the house!"

    She expected me to track down the cricket and get rid of it. That *never* worked well. ;-) I couldn't find the cricket and she'd be frustrated.



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