Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Hearing Aid That Doesn't Look Like a Hearing Aid

Take a look at this - the new "Panasonic JZ Power WH-105JZ hearing instrument with binaural audio headset."

(Picture via medGadget)

 Doesn't look much like a hearing aid, does it?

According to the press release, this hearing instrument is intended for mild to severe hearing loss. You have your little unit, which looks more like an mp3 player than what it is, and a headset which is supposedly suitable for hours of wear. The unit is used to switch channels on the aids as well as handle noise, feedback, and volume. There are also four 'modes': standard, music, party, and indoors.

One interesting thing about it is that it can be recharged in a cradle or you can use standard AAA batteries for it. Nice - no expensive, special batteries needed.

I thought this was interesting. From the looks of it and the fact that it includes "party" mode, I thought it would be marketed towards young adults. A visit to their website changes that perception, though. It's intended for people in adult communities/nursing homes and for people who are prone to misplace their hearing aids.

If you took out the wires and add an SD slot for listening to music, I wouldn't be surprised to see this marketed towards young people as well.


  1. I totally agree with what you say about remove the wires and add an sd card slot, it could be aimed at young people too. Looking at his it looks stylish. And things like this don't always cater up to sever hearing loss. So thats great too. I hope the makers are reading this post, and take a hint.

  2. Hearing loss affects every aspect of your life, especially your most important personal and professional relationships. Hearing loss also affects your physical, mental and emotional health by placing tremendous stress on your mind and body. Hearing problems can lead to avoidance or withdrawal from social situations, social rejection and loneliness.

  3. where can you buy them?


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