Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Captioning the Hypnotoad

If you are like me, you probably set the captions on your TV and watch them regularly, but don't pay much attention to the way things are captioned. I definitely notice if there is an error, or if something is censored, but I don't notice /how/ things are captioned.

This article from Yahoo! Accessibility takes a look at how one specific sound could be captioned differently from episode to episode of a TV show. They used the captioning of the sound the Hypnotoad from Futurama makes. Because the Hypnotoad is in the same context pretty much every time it appears on the show, differences in captioning style are obvious.

My favorite. I love a good eyeball thrum.

Some of the choices made in these captions are really interesting. The Hypnotoad is captioned as anything from a drone to a grinding sound. The analysis of the word choice in the article is a fascinating read.


  1. Hahahah... I didn't know eyeballs "thrummed"!

  2. HAHAHA Everybody loves a good eyeball thrum! It's the coolest!

  3. HAHAHA Everybody loves a good eyeball thrum! :P


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