Friday, February 3, 2012

Flex Watches for Disability Awareness and Charity Support

Through the Yahoo! Accessibility website I learned about Flex Watches, a site which sells watches in 11 colors. Each color represents a different charity and 10% of their net profits are distributed evenly amongst the charities. They also host marketing campaigns to help raise awareness for the charities. At $30 for a watch (you can mix and match band and face) plus $6 shipping, it seems like a pretty good deal especially to help charities.

The charities are:

A blue watch from Flex.
St Bernard Project (orange): to create housing for victims of Hurricane Katrina
APDA (yellow): a charity supporting those with Parkinson's disease
Be Perfect Foundation (green): assists people with spinal cord injuries
Nika Water (blue): involved in ensuring clean water for people in impoverished countries
Keep-a-Breast (pink): educates young people about breast cancer awareness
First Descents (purple): adventure sports for young adults affected by cancer
Imerman Angels (grey): provides mentorship for people affected by cancer
Life Rolls On (white): action sports for people affected by spinal cord injuries
LHON (black): a charity for people experiencing Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
Mariners Outreach (red): assisting the poor in Mexico

It's too bad there isn't a deaf charity on the list, but I would definitely support all of these. I think I would probably go for black and green or white.

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