Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey Video Marketers: Caption Your Videos for the Marketing Value, Too

Argus/Cosina Model 708 Super Eight Movie Camera
(from Flickr user go_offstation)
There is a lot of resistance (passive and active) to captioning videos online through YouTube or similar services.

Some people don't ever even consider it an option, even people who are trying to market themselves. They may not be aware of the importance of captioning or they may not know they can do it with their own videos. Others resist it because they think it will cost money or time, or they think it is too challenging, or they think not enough people will use it to make it worthwhile.

However, even if these perceptions are stopping you from captioning your videos, you should be aware they are an important marketing tool as well. Just like your title and description is important when uploading a video, so are the captions. According to this article on Business 2 Community,

All text fields on YouTube are scanned by both YouTube and Google search engines and the same goes for the text submitted in your Closed Captions. This means you can textually include keywords and phrases within your video content to help your content get found by searching Internet users.

So don't forget to caption those videos.

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  1. Just as an aside... I won't watch YouTube videos because the captioning is awful. I can distinguih enough words to know wrong words are often used in the captioning. In English some words sound the same but are not and do not have the same meanings. These "Beta" captions offered are useless. Only videos professionally captioned and proofed are worth a watch.


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