Thursday, February 2, 2012

World's Tiniest Ear Created

This is completely fascinating and more than a little mind-bending.

Scientists in Germany have developed the world's tiniest ear, referred to as a "nano-ear." This ear could be able to listen to the sounds of bacteria and viruses, both of which make noise as they move. Not only are they extremely sensitive, they can even tell where a sound is coming from.

According to the physicist who helped develop it, Jochen Feldmann, ""There are definitely medical opportunities which we can tackle together with the right people, but we just have to see how it works first."


  1. "Medical"! Funny!

    Sounds like a way to build more easily hidden surveillance equipment. The old East Germany was a pervasive surveillance state, not surprising that the research comes from Germany.


    1. Surveillance... of... bacteria? :)

    2. It doesn't seem to be limited in range. However, on re-read the equipment operate the "nano-ear" does seem a bit cumbersome to hide. ;-P

      I can imagine the scene now: Why is there a three ton machine in my hotel room?

      No need to worry - this is not the machine you need to worry about (Obi-Wan handwave).



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