Friday, March 16, 2012

Article on Hearing Aids in the Arizona Republic

This morning, as usual, I put out the newspapers for our library patrons to peruse over the course of the day. This morning when I opened up the Arizona Republic, I saw a huge front page article about the digital revolution in hearing aids.

Of course, I was interested. The article discusses the advances in hearing aids from the 19th century until today. It emphasizes that hearing aids today are small, slim, and very advanced compared to hearing aids from the past. And, happily enough, the article also points out that it is not just the elderly who may need hearing aids.

Elsewhere in the paper the Republic profiles two hearing aid users, age 39 and 45. Michael Meyer of Phoenix lost his hearing in his early teens after suffering from meningitis, while Kelly Clays had an undiagnosed hearing loss from childhood and got hearing aids when she was 30. Both are open and honest about the challenges and advantages of wearing hearing aids.

I do wish the article had profiled someone even younger. A 20-something individual with hearing loss is a person with a unique perspective in addition to older people - plus I enjoy reading about other people my age who are deaf.

The "hearing aid museum" slideshow linked to in the article (see it here) is also interesting. My audiologist has a display in the waiting room of the timeline of the development of hearing aids. It's really fascinating to look at.

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