Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Disney Event: SIGNin' in the Street

I just read about this great event on Speak Up Librarian's blog and wanted to share it with you.

At Downtown Disney District in California Orlando, Florida (sorry for the mistake!), on March 17 and 18th, Disney will be hosting "SIGNin' in the Street." According to Disney's page on the event, it will "embrace the social, technological and artistic accomplishments of world-renowned Deaf talent and local community organizations."

Photo via Flickr user Miss Kels.
The event looks pretty fun! Activities include screenings of two episodes of Switched at Birth along with See What I'm Saying and The Hammer, Q&A sessions with the cast of Switched at Birth and Matt Hamill, and giveaways.

Check out the full schedule here.

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  1. oops, I thought it was in Disney World not Disneyland. My mistake. I've just fixed it on my blog too.


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