Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Going Back to School

Last week I made the decision to go back to college for the 2012-2013 school year and complete my degree in Technical Communication.

I am really excited about it, although I know there will be some challenges. I need to take two science courses and then all I have left are core classes directly related to the degree. I'll be going part-time, though, because I work full-time, and it will take a bit longer for me.

In the past thinking about finishing school, with all of the classes as well as work and housework, was a bit overwhelming for me. But now I feel much more settled and I know having a bachelor's degree will help me move up in my field. Maybe eventually I can even go on for my master's degree in Library Science.

The university I will be attending made this degree entirely online along with a few others. I'm a little relieved I won't have to deal with large echoey lecture halls, trying to navigate around campus, or having to talk to a bunch of new people in each class. (My brain gets enough of a workout trying to listen to patrons while I'm at work.)

My blogging here may become more sparse in the fall but I'm thinking these classes will give me more to write about. It's not a new experience for me because I'm almost done with the degree, but I will be learning new and (hopefully) interesting things in my classes.

Looking forward to it!


  1. Congratulations on your decision to further your education and experience in college. Don't forget that making acquaintances, including students, teachers and staff at college will give you a network of people to use during college and after while you are working on your career. I know it is hard to make acquaintances when you are hard of hearing. (I was born 80% deaf in both ears since birth and wearing a hearing aid since I was 6) If you cultivate people who become familiar with you now it is easier when you need the network. I personally don't have a large network of people since I was pretty introverted and don't do well in conversations. But I see that it would have made my schooling and work a lot easier if I had done it. I'm now in my 50s and can see how networking really helps others in their endeavors.

  2. Congratulations, and wishes for much success!!

  3. That's great! Best of luck to you!


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