Monday, March 5, 2012

Raising Awareness of the Link Between Kidney Disease and Hearing Loss

March is National Kidney Month, and the Better Hearing Institute has decided to use this month to raise awareness of the link between kidney disease and hearing loss.

According to the article in the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch, researchers in Australia found that adults over 50 with moderate chronic kidney disease are more likely to have hearing loss than other adults who don't have kidney disease.

Now that the link has been found, doctors may be able to recognize the likelihood of hearing loss occurring in their patients with kidney disease and assess hearing before it becomes a problem with the patients' quality of life.

In recognition of National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day on March 8th, the Better Hearing Institute has put up an online hearing check here. The simple test can help people recognize if they may have a hearing loss and it recommends seeing an audiologist after the test if there is a possibility of hearing loss.


  1. Thanks for this link. I took the test and it said I am very likely to have a moderate hearing loss. I've been suspecting that my hearing really isn't quite right but I think I will *finally* make an appointment tomorrow to get it tested.

    I've been a silent reader of your blog for awhile but I wanted to mention that I live in Tucson, AZ since I've seen you mention that you live in Arizona as well.

    But thanks for the link. It definitely confirmed that I should stop trying to ignore this.

  2. I wanted to post an update. I just had my hearing test done. My right ear is perfectly normal but my left ear has a moderate loss which was surprising. I really thought it was going to be mild at most but I'm now awaiting my first hearing aid.

    I'm relieved to know something can be done but a bit nervous because this is opening up a whole new lifestyle for me.

    Any advice?

  3. Hearing test gives you the chance to eliminate the hearing problem at much early as possible, because if your just having a doubt about your hearing system then you can fix it in beginning.

  4. Hearing loss exists when there is diminished sensitivity to the sounds normally heard. The term hearing impairment is usually reserved for people who have relative insensitivity to sound in the speech frequencies. The severity of a hearing loss is categorized according to the increase in volume above the usual level necessary before the listener can detect it. Thanks.


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