Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Great Webcomics Touching on Deafness & Hearing Loss

In the past week I've discovered two webcomics which touch on deafness and hearing loss, and wanted to share them with you.

The first one is That Deaf Guy by Matt and Kay Daigle. That Deaf Guy follows the lives of a Deaf man, his interpreter wife, and their son. I like That Deaf Guy for its gentle humor. There is not a lot of negativity here, just funny moments from everyday life.

The second one is a recent discovery called Runewriters. The comic is set in a magical world (think Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons). It follows a profoundly deaf girl and her bodyguard who seems to get into magical mishaps often. The girl uses sign language, although not many other people in her village know it. This comic is also funny, with a dash of geeky fantasy storylines that I like.

Do you know of any other good webcomics that touch on deafness and hearing loss?

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  1. Med-El just posted a new comic book called Will Wonder. Its about a boy who has super powers and also relies on his cochlear implant to hear.


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