Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Advantage of Captioning: Find Old Clips Quickly

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We all know how useful captions can be for the deaf and hard of hearing. And I've covered how captions can help you market your videos, too (the text file of captioned videos can be scanned by search engines which can help them come up in results for people searching for what you're selling).

There is also another advantage to captions, highlighted by the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. According to this article on User Interface Engineering, the staff of the show utilizes a computer program to search through old news archives to find clips of politicians to use on their show.

I think this could be handy for other things, searching for old news clips, television shows, etc. for quotes and lines of dialogue. It would be especially handy for the actual producers of the show to find previous references to old topics. So - yet another reason to caption those videos!

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