Sunday, July 8, 2012

8 Dolls, Stuffed Animals, and Toys with Hearing Aids

For kids with hearing aids, sometimes having a toy "just like them" can really help. Here are eight such toys, stuffed animals, and dolls I found for purchase online.

1. Build-a-Bear
Build-a-Bear offers a plush hearing aid for their stuffed animals to wear. It's $2, and is red and silver.
Image of the Mr. BTE Doll
From Just Bekuz Products

2. Flaghouse
The website Flaghouse sells Just Like Me Dolls which can be outfitted with a variety of accessories, including hearing aids, leg braces, and even an assistive dog. The dolls come in a variety of appearances and skin colors. The hearing aid accessory costs $1.25.

3. Oticon
The hearing aid company Oticon offers Hearing Aid Care Kits when a hearing aid in their Safari line is purchased. The Hearing Aid Care Kit for ages 0-4 includes a stuffed animal, Otto, who has his own hearing aids. There is an adorable picture of a little boy with his "Otto" on the Team Espinoza blog.

4. American Girl
American Girl now offers hearing aids for their dolls. The removable aids cost $14 and require the doll to be sent to their "Doll Hospital" so that the doll's ear can be properly fitted for an aid on one or both ears. You can also order a doll complete with hearing aid from their website.

A MyTwinn Doll with hearing aid.
5. Just Bekuz Products Co.
Just Bekuz Products has a stuffed animal that IS a hearing aid! He costs $19.95 and comes with a built-in dehumidifier to store and dry a child's hearing aids.

6. Sign Language Doll
These dolls cost between $80-$100. They wear hearing aids and have manipulative hands so that they can form signs. They have a little girl, a little boy, and a rabbit doll for purchase, and also allow you to buy a doll for a nonprofit organization of your choice.

7. Lakeshore Learning
Lakeshore sells adaptive equipment for dolls, designed to fit their Multiethnic School Dolls. I've read these can also fit other dolls or stuffed animals. You can purchase two hearing aids and two pairs of eyeglasses for $9.95 on the site.

8. My Twinn
My Twinn dolls can be purchased with hearing aids. They cost $9 each and are beige.

I wasn't able to find any stuffed animals or dolls that have cochlear implants. Has anyone heard of any?


  1. Too cool! I used to have a Lakeshore doll with hearing aids and glasses- I loved her! As for CI's, Cochlear sells a Koala with cochlear implants. The processors are plastic and could probably be put on other stuffed animals as well. I believe Advanced Bionics does the same, except it is a monkey.

  2. Thanks for including us Megan! This is a fantastic list of toys with hearing aids. We didn't know about the Build-a-bear aids - those look great!

  3. This is awesome :)

    I would've loved to have had one when I was a kid.

    (would love to have one now! #bigkid)

  4. Med-El the company that makes my cochlear implant gives a wonderful stuffed animal elephant to every implant recipient. It is called the Med-elephant and has bilateral cochlear implants. I don't know if they sell them separately.

    If I can't find a picture on google, I may take a picture of mine (Which I have given to my 5-year-old), and post it.

  5. Wow, I did a google search and found that there is even an online children's storybook that tells the story of Mellie the med-elephant and how she got her implants.

  6. Is'nt it sad that there are kids out there who has hearing problems. That just really breaks my heart. That Build-a-Bear plush sounds like the perfect gift for a kid who has a hearing problem and it's very affordable too, I could buy tons of that.

  7. You can also take your American Girl Doll to any of their stores to have them fitted with hearing aids. It is $14 for one or two depending on what the girl wants.

  8. Build-a-bear are great for offering this kind of thing, they have wheel-chairs, crutches and that kind of thing too.

  9. Barefoot Books has several books with children of different abilities. "The Tear Thief" has a child with a hearing aid on one of the pages of the book (one of the children that the fairy visits to take away her tears and turn them into stars.)

  10. Great! This is fantastic list of hearing aids toys.

  11. Hi, I've actually been making cloth dolls with both Cochlear Implants & Hearing Aids for both boy & girls for a couple of years. I have a Facebook Page in New Zealand called Just 4 You NZ. I get a lot of enjoyment from making them & hearing how much the recipient of the doll loves them :)


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