Friday, July 6, 2012

Google+ Hangouts Now Have Captioning Options

Google announced an exciting new feature at the National Association of the Deaf Conference this year: Google+ Hangouts now support live captioning, either through a professional service (StreamText) or via a participant in the Hangout typing a transcript for the benefit of other users.

An example of captions in Google+ Hangout, via Google.
 Hangouts are an important part of the Google+ social media platform and Google's attempt to distinguish Google+ from Facebook and other competitors. Hangouts allow people to video chat with groups, free, for up to 10 people. Users can also stream Hangouts from their profile for anyone to see.

Hangout Captions is an app which must be installed from this page. There's also a support forum for troubleshooting.

This follows the addition of an option to caption videos added to Google+ in May.

I'd be happy to see the addition of Google's automated captions technology to Hangouts as a third option, besides the transcript or professional captions options. Automated captions aren't perfect but they'd be very helpful, especially with the option to edit captions as they appear.

(via Mashable)

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