Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest Post: Simple Lifestyle Steps to Follow to Maintain Healthy Hearing

The post below is from John. Many thanks to John for sending me this post on how cleanliness can affect hearing health! For more information about guest posts on Hearing Sparks (I love them!), see here


Maintaining healthy hearing ability is something that is extremely important and can benefit an individual for a lifetime. Not everyone considers how to maintain good hearing ability. However, taking the time to learn about simple steps that can be taken to protect the ear, the ear cavity and ear drum can result in benefits that will be significant.

Lifestyle Choices and How These Choices Affect Your Hearing
Most people are familiar that a good diet and exercise are important for maintaining a healthy body, but these things are also extremely important for maintaining excellent hearing. While loss of hearing can result from numerous things, people who have diabetes or poor circulation are at a higher risk of losing hearing ability than people who do not have these health problems.

Clean homes and environments are also highly important to maintain a solid ability to hear well. Ear infections are one of the biggest causes of loss of hearing. If a person goes swimming in a pool that is not clean, if a person does not take proper care of personal hygiene, or does not visit a doctor regularly to take care of infections, these things can lead to partial or full loss of hearing if left unattended.

People that live in homes that are clean and who take good care of their personal hygiene have a lesser chance of getting infections in their ears. Other infections that can be caused by bacteria can also move around the body and potentially cause hearing problems. Keeping kitchens and bathrooms sanitized and keeping other rooms in the home regularly cleaned, dusted, scrubbed, and vacuumed will increase the person’s ability to manage their hearing health, as well as their overall physical health.

Know When to See a Medical Professional

Knowing how to recognize signs of potential hearing loss is the best way to take proactive measures to protect your hearing as much as possible. Hearing loss can be caused by being subject to loud noises on a consistent basis. Hearing loss can also be caused by ear infections, physical illnesses or a disease or tumor. In addition to these things, a blow to the ear or the head area can also affect how well a person is able to hear.

Each of these things will result in symptoms a person can report to a doctor. Seeking medical attention as soon as possible and accurately reporting the symptoms will help the physician to make a proper diagnosis. In some situations, it may be necessary to wear a hearing aid in order to regain full hearing or partial hearing ability.


  1. Nice to see an article like this on ear health. It seems to be a rare topic, so seeing this seems like a good step in the right direction.

  2. Also if you're living in a country with tropical climate. It's good to cover it up with swimming pool covers to prevent an outbreak in mosquitos.

  3. This "hearing loop" seems an amazing gadget. People with hearing disabilities can now hear the important reminders loud and clear. I hope that this will also be implemented to some cities or even to other countries to aid people who have hearing problems.


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