Friday, August 24, 2012

Netflix and Amara - Crowdsourcing Subtitle Possibilities

Amara, formerly Universal Subtitles, and Netflix have teamed up to crowdsource subtitling some of Netflix's offerings, according to an email sent out by Amara. The concept is still in beta and it's not yet known if Amara subtitles will actually show up on Netflix-streamed shows and movies.

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Photo via Victor1558 on Flickr.
They're also providing the ability for you to help, if you want to lend your captioning expertise (not just in English). There's a form here to fill out with your information, including different languages you know, if you want to help with the project.

It sounds to me as though Netflix is trying different options to satisfy any obligations it has under the ADA and other accessibility laws. As Netflix expands into other countries, it will also have to consider international laws as well. Crowdsourcing sounds like it could easily help take some of the burden off Netflix while also allowing members of the public to contribute to a worthy cause.

(via Amara and GigaOM)

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