Monday, November 25, 2013

An Update on Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Image via Flickr user reticulating
Back in June of last year, I wrote about Apple's announcement of upcoming new features, including "made for iPhone hearing aids." Now it seems more information on this is coming out of Denmark - a country which supplies half of the world's hearing aids. GN Store Nord is the world's fourth largest manufacturer of hearing aids and the driving force behind hearing aids utilizing 2.4 GHz technology.

As it turns out, there will soon be an option for people to have sound relayed directly to their hearing aids via their Apple (iPhone, iPad, etc) product, without the need for an intermediary device such as the Oticon Streamer, which I just discussed this past week. According to the Reuters article linked above, Starkey Technologies is also working on a hearing aid that will work similarly for iPhones but there's no details as of yet.

It sounds like GN ReSound may be at the forefront of "iHearingAids," but it does remain to be seen whether the elderly market for hearing aids will actually want to take advantage of the technology. I think it may take a few more years - for people in their thirties and forties now - before this kind of connectivity is basically expected.


  1. Actually, I have quite a few of my older patients who are really enjoying the various connectivity options available with today's hearing aids. Once they get over the initial fear of technology, they can appreciate the convenience today's aids can offer, such as hands free phone conversations or streaming media directly to their aids. More and more of even my elderly patients have smart phones, so they are already becoming more familiar with advanced technology. Good times!

  2. I'm 40 and cannot wait I find the current streamer frustrating and useless to and the sound quality for music poor. I am looking forward to it I hate that I can only adjust the volume on both at the same time rather than separately some days my right ear is better than my left.


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