Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Amara Announces Crowdsourced Subtitles for Your YouTube Videos

Amara, formerly Universal Subtitles, is one of the easiest and most useful tools for adding accessibility to your YouTube videos. Amara allows you to create a subtitle file, setting the wording and timing exactly as you want.

The Amara logo, a green hollow circle.
The Amara logo.
Now Amara has added a great new feature - crowdsourced subtitling. Any YouTube user can connect their account to Amara and request that viewers help. They can be synced right to the video, saving the video creator the time it takes to upload the file to YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube subtitles, if they've affected your life in any way, YouTube curious to hear your story. Check out this post on Google+ with information on how to share your story.