Friday, April 12, 2013

From NPR, "The Real Sounds of Hearing Loss"

One of the most difficult and sometimes aggravating parts of having a hearing loss is an inability to explain exactly what is wrong, why you can't hear certain things, and what certain sounds sound like to you. Through the Speak Up Librarian blog, I found this excellent article on NPR which breaks down three different types of hearing loss and provides examples of a phrase as it might sound to someone with that type of loss.

For me the most striking audio sample was the example of recruitment - when certain loud sounds suddenly become incredibly loud, nearly intolerable. This can be the most difficult thing to explain to people - why something that is merely loud is making me uncomfortable.

I couldn't actually understand any of the clips except for the last (normal) one. I rely a lot on lip reading and body language, so that probably explains why.

Another good example to use when trying to explain what hearing loss sounds like is this clip below from House Research Institute. It uses a Flintstones episode to demonstrate what mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss sounds like: