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Blogs Deafness Blog
Building My Self Esteem
Cacophony to Symphony
Deafinitely Girly
DeafRead (collection of blogs)
Deaf Village (collection of blogs)
Eh? What? Huh?
Live. Love. Hear. 
Speak Up Librarian
Stuck in Two Worlds 

Deaf Like Me, by Thomas S. Spradley
Everyone Here Spoke Sign Language, by Nora Ellen Groce 
Seeing Voices, by Oliver Sacks
Train Go Sorry, by Leah Hager Cohen

My Audiologist
East Valley Hearing Center

David's Eagle Scout Project
My Deaf Family

Arizona State University Speech and Hearing Clinic
BBC - Ouch!
Federal Communications Commission Disability Access Complaint Form
National Institutes of Health Genetic Testing Registry
The Hugh Hetherington On-line Hearing Aid Museum 
Tone Deafness, Pitch, and Rhythm Online Tests
Washington University School of Medicine - Deafness in Disguise

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  1. I am researching hearing aid market for my company and ran across your website. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I thought I would share you a quick story. I use to curl in Ottawa (Canada) and have experienced a group of curlers that would come on the ice after our game was over. Surprising, it was very quiet on the ice when they played but all the curlers knew what they were doing. I soon discovered they belonged to the Ottawa Deaf Curling club. They all were having a great time. Here is the link to their website:


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